My Classroom – Utilization of Walls and Soft boards.

Posted: December 10, 2012 in Classroom Management
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      The Classroom- since ages, is a place where teaching learning process takes place.  Initially,( in olden days) schools were run and monitored by Religious Endowments.  The Churches /Mosques/ Temples were the locus of teaching .  The classroom was a place, where rigorous lecture oriented and instructional methods of teaching was in practice were teacher were focused on route learning by holy scripts or verses. The student’s participation  was to cram rigorously. With the Western Influence gradually the scenario changed. The classrooms started to change and evolved into its present shape.Unlike the yester years, present classrooms have meticulously changed both physically and in imparting knowledge.  

             Education is either a Private Sector or Public Sector undertaking.  With new inventions in the field of psychology, the term Child Psychology is most popular in the field of Education.  According to the Child Psychology, the students learn more by Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence, Visually, Interacting with peer groups and by Spatial Intelligence.  Thus a classroom should be designed that manner.

            Every school invariably follows and practices the nuances of Child Psychology  for the overall development of a Child.  The Classroom is important as much of the teaching – learning process takes place there.  A classroom could be a mundane classroom to the well equipped modern classroom. However may be the physical appearance, the teacher has to gets habituated to the given space. The teaching learning process should be started invariably with or without  aids such as computers, OHP, charts, models etc.,  These physical aids enhances the clarity of a particular topic but the preparedness of the teacher is what it matters more.  The unprepared teacher or non skillful teacher cannot deliver a topic efficiently.  The point is, how well a teacher can prepare, a topic with the depth of the subject to that particular grade/class is all that matters.  

                   A Classroom is a place where teachers and students spend most of the day’s productive time. The children learn, play and mould their personalities in the Classroom. The way you modify the classroom to the needs and interests of the children entirely depends on the creativity and spontaneity of the teacher.  Because classroom is the workstation for both teachers and students.  It is noticed that, students are more attached to their classroom.  They love to see their art works, charts, activities to be put up on the soft boards for this they put loads of hard work to an appreciation from teacher and to be the best in class. This practice would motivate the students to improvise their skills and interests in the subject. Thus to encourage the students, the utilization of walls and softboards have to be smartly planned.  

           I had noticed the following points when it comes to the decor of the classroom.

  •            Teachers usually prefer to get the ready made charts/fillers/teaching aids to be put on the boards.  Well that is a good idea but without the efforts of the teacher the classroom looks as a body without its soul.
  •               Every  little change the teacher brings in the classroom directly has an impact on her/his students.  The teacher is that guide whom the students believe and travel on the unknown roads.  The role of a teacher doesn’t end by mere teaching a topic or a lesson, instead teacher’s role is multidimensional and a 24/7 job.  Teacher rebuilds the behavioral straits by introducing the plans and strategies depending on the nature of students. 
  •             The Uncommon Charts, which is not related to the teaching topic.
  •              The un-updated lists of information (which are not maintained        properly either)   

The following are some of the tips how to utilize the space of the classroom in a effective way.

Walls as ” Reminders “

 Certain concepts have to be told/explained  repeatedly.  Even then the kids tend to forget.  Such things which have to be repeated again and again can be jolted down on a chart in the form of tables, Shortcuts, Diagrams, Pie charts etc.,  and paste it on the wall so that the students see it regularly, which in turn remains in permanent memory of the students.          

  •        The chart of  “Mathematical or Chemical  formulas”.
  •        The Chemical Equations.
  •        The Steps of Letter Writing.
  •        The Common mistakes in identifying the place values.
  •         The List of Prime Minister and his cabinet members.
  •         The Countries and its Capitals.

  Walls as “Class Magazine “

                   The walls of the classroom gives lots of opportunities to the teacher to explore many innovative ideas.  Students of primary and high School love to watch their works, greetings, paintings etc to be displayed in the class.  The walls of the classroom can be decorated with these. A beautiful “Class Wall Magazine” can be created and has to changed with new entities regularly.  As a stale wall is too clumsy.  

Walls as “Reading Blocks”

–          The Spelling tree for a particular topic can be made. The tree bears the spellings on its leaves, flowers and fruits.

–          Important Slogans/quotes can be put on the walls. Constant remainders such as some moral values, 5 Golden Rules to be followed in Classroom  etc., can also adore the walls.

–          The Current Events block for all the events which are relevant to the topic/subject can displayed. For example the latest information of tornadoes, cyclones, earthquakes, etc which are related to the Science Lessons. 

Walls as ” Appreciation Corners “

–          The Star Achievers Pad can have all the achiever’s name who scored the highest in the class assignments, sports, music etc.  The Students who perform best in their assignments or sports will be given a ‘Star’ on the Star Achievers Pad, motivating the students to get as many stars as possible in a short period of time.

–          A Hang out  “Answer Me Please”  is another innovative wall décor. In  which the students may put their small queries, based on any topic, written on a piece of paper. Teacher finds time for those queries and answers them.

–         An Appreciation Board where the students can write the qualities of their friends or teachers whose certain qualities they appreciate.  This board also inculcates tolerance in student’s behaviour and enhances the skills of appreciating  others.

Utilization of the soft boards

          Another important part of  a classroom  is the soft boards.  The Soft boards speak about the class and class teacher to all the visitors of the classroom. Soft boards are regularly updated with the month wise themes.  They contain decorations pertaining to special occasions such as Christmas,  Independence Day Celebrations, etc

           There are certain things which a soft board should necessarily have like the Classteacher’s Name, Subject  & its Teacher’s name list, Inventory list, Class TimeTable, School  period wise Timing list, House List (if students are divided according to certain groups), List of activities scheduled for that month,etc

          Apart from these information the  soft boards can also contain the creative writings, paintings, greetings and various activity sheets performed by the students.  Any thought provoking article can have its place on the soft boards.

         The performance of the student can be highlighted both scholastically and non scholastically.  Every child loves to be appreciated. For example a shabby slogan of an below average student put to the soft board can motivate the child.  Soft boards can be used to depict the mood of the students, seasons, best safety rules to be followed etc.,


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